Weedwoman’s Garden

Obviously not tidied up for your visit. Sheet metal behind shed, red garbage can in front of shed, power cord (we’re doing a lot of non-gardening projects this summer) and half-full bag of potting soil that’s been out on the picnic table for weeks. Oh, yes, and the ubiquitous weeds.)
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, these may give an idea of how it’s been this year, starting a new magazine. While the garden is rarely picture-perfect some things have really gone to hell, and that’s okay.
Yes, it is ironic that my magazine is a garden writing magazine and this is the state of things this year, the worst it’s ever been. All I say is please consider the shoemaker’s children. 
Thanks, Amy Stewart of Garden Rant  for being the inspiration to let it all hang out today. I got the camera, ran outside and documented the chaos. I feel much better.

The back view, just as shocking. I did try pouring boiling water on a few weeds (a.k.a. purslane crop) in the bricks, once, but didn't have the heart to continue. Besides, it didn't work very well. I've hand pulled and used a hoe a few times, then gave up.


Oh, it looks a little better up close! Self-seeded blue mist spirea, wild sunflowers, clary sage, Hopi Red Dye, lamb's ear . . . hmmm, actually Mother Nature planted everything but the snapdragons.


Self-seeded morning glories, rose, ornamental bathtub cabbage (hastily added two weeks ago), weeds, random tomato cages, misc. junque, etc.


Welcome to the JUNGLE, Baby! If you're not a weed, or a blue mist spirea, or Virginia creeper, you're probably gonna die... This was a very sweet red sandstone gravel path, now it's Honey Bee & Weed Alley--not necessarily a bad thing.

The lovely thing about gardening is that you can always make a pledge to do better next year.


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10 responses to “Weedwoman’s Garden

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I can imagine manure, wheel barrows, compost, cedar chips, etc. as gardening is so much about cultivating, grooming, moving, transplanting, pruning, etc. and the tools needed if done on a larger scale. I enjoy container gardening but it means there are several days per year when my living room is full of biodegradable materials, perlite, potting soil, and other gardening at home equipment. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.419133671778.209680.340273356778 It is so much fun as gardening is a never ending work of art in progress. Endless Blessings.

    • Thank you for writing–and for not being too shocked! Gardening is messy and crazy and beautiful and I wouldn’t love it as much any other way. BTW, your pictures are an inspiration–I’m STILL waiting for the first tomatoes here in Colorado.

  2. I love it! This is definitely reality in the Colorado front range this gardening season.

  3. Mary Ellen Davis

    Looks gorgeous!!! Thank goodness for our summer monsoon.

  4. Caroline Vulgamore

    Who wants a sterile-looking garden, anyway? BOR-ING. We love you, Sandy.

  5. Sandy, I am neither shocked nor am I disappointed. I am delighted :D You are a real honest to goodness gardener and not someone looking for a photo shoot for BH&G. YAY!!!! Two-hands clapping. :D

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