What’s In a Tradename?

While there have been many (oh, so many) cool things going on with the magazine, and I hope to share those tidbits more regularly now, one of the best things that has happened of late is getting the Greenwoman name trademarked.

"It's just so beautiful!" she (okay, I) said.

This took eight months, several hundred dollars, online “paperwork” (not a lot), a few e-mails ironing out details and then . . . here it is.

My feelings about trademarks and the like (ownership of ideas in particular) is mixed. I’m a friend of capitalism but I also see its dark side (we’re pretty much living that dark side on a daily basis these days). I’m open on sharing creative work and I have a giving, versus grabbing-for-myself/everything’s-about-money nature. Heck, one of my all-time favorite songs is “Give it Away” by the RHCP (which I’ll point out is mainly about selflessness, not sex). One of my heroes is artist/plantsman/inventor George Washington Carver who said this about his ideas:  “God gave them to me. How can I sell them to someone else?”

There’s been a lot of information available these days that shows the more open you are with sharing your creative work (hence, getting it “out there”) the more you will ultimately profit. To me, that makes sense. 

My reaction when I got this document in the mail? Pure delight! The heading “United States of America Patent and Trademark Office” filled me with a wholesome patriotic pride and a feeling of connection to a strong tradition of American ideas and industry. It also brought a realness, a legitimacy to my many long months of toil. Now, I thought, I can put that little capital “R” with the circle after Greenwoman. I can claim ownership of this creative idea I’ve made happen. I can join the ranks of others who have trademarked their magazine names.


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5 responses to “What’s In a Tradename?

  1. Nice post! I totally understand the mixed feelings, but ultimately, in the end, triumph and pride! Yayyyy!!!!!!!

  2. I totally admire your devotion to all the details of ‘birthing’ a magazine. I had no idea that it was so complex, but am enjoying learning about the process through your diligence.

  3. Barbara

    Very nice but – just don’t understand the benefit.

    • Hi Barbara. Thanks for commenting. To me the benefit is being recognized, from a legal standpoint, as the owner of your creative work. Of course it’s probably completely unnecessary unless your work becomes well-known, but I wanted to do it.

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