Thumbs Up from the Great Spaghetti

What's Black & White & Approves of Greenwoman Magazine all Over?

No, not the Great Spaghetti Monster, silly–Randy Spaghetti, who has a rockin’ blog, Life and Zine Reviews. I sent him the first issue of Greenwoman Magazine a while back and was happy to hear that he posted a very complimentary review this week.

For those of you who do not know what zines are, in brief, they are self-published magazines (zine is an abbreviation of that word). But they’re  more, much more, than that–they are the fruit of a dynamic subculture of people who dig the independent press and feel that if you want to get your thoughts, your work, and your art out there, just D.I.Y.! (Do It Yourself!) I love them. Zines gave me the start I needed with this magazine–they provided me with a taste of doing it (all) myself, getting my work (and the work of talented contributors) out there, connecting with other like-minded people, seeing that it was possible to chart my own life course.

Zines are also very cool and I encourage you to try a few out. Just check out some of the titles recently reviewed by Spaghetti: Martha Stewart’s Prison Reader of Blather & Malarky (Issue #1), Upheaval (#14), Monkey Squad One (#7), Thank You Zine (#2) and Kung Fu Grip (#5). The titles alone are almost worth the price of admission into these fun, plucky, smart, sometimes great, sometimes not-so-great, always genuine and sometimes deliciously subversive worlds.

If you want to do something really unique and possibly life-altering for Christmas, make a pledge not to buy the usual corporate mass-produced crap (made in foreign sweatshops by the multi-national-corporation one percenters and then shipped across the ocean wasting oil) and instead support some artists/writers/Americans who are truly thinking outside of the box.


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3 responses to “Thumbs Up from the Great Spaghetti

  1. Super! Of course I’m pleased to have my article mentioned.

  2. Sally Gregson

    Yeah for zines although I like some of the crap that these criminal corporations ship to our shores.

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