The Second Issue – You’ll Love It!

Our Winter 2011/Spring 2012 Issue is Everything You've Dreamed About in a Garden Writing Magazine - and More!

She’s here! The second baby. (Greenwoman Issue #2!)

Let me tell you I am one tired mama now. Exhausted, but proud. Proud that I have created something beautiful for you–the readers.

You know how you hear the second baby is easier? Not so with this one. Everything seemed to take longer and require more attention. More editing; more new writers; more pages! Zora and I promoted our keesters off all summer and fall; I decided to court another columnist at the very last minute (please join us, Crunchy Betty–we love you!); we didn’t get the cover we wanted until the third try; and, overall, we decided to take on parts of the magazine that others had done before  so we’d truly know the ins and outs of everything and be closer to 100% self-sufficiency.

And we got our very first intern! (That quickly added side dish on our overflowing plates, turned out to be the coolest. Kathleen (we call her Kathy Rose) Lindemann was THE perfect intern–a woman of experience who knows how to be adaptable and quick on her feet, and who put up with our newness, our craziness and my ADD with no problem. I really worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the internship justice–but I believe she may have gotten one of the best small magazine internships–ever. : )

Still, for Zora (a full-time student at CU Boulder) and I, diving into issue #2 and everything that entails being a full-fledged publication was more stress than any two women should have to handle.

The result? As most new mamas who have experienced difficult gestations will attest–the work, the sleepless nights, the worry–was all well worth it.

Better yet, I know you’re going to love it!

I am tickled. I am in LOVE with this issue! You will notice the magazine is more refined design-wise on the interior than the first issue (thank you, most brilliant friend and editor Cheri Colburn); the stories are of the highest quality and run the gamut of emotions from tears, to joy, to laughter to . . . (yes, indeedy!) sexiness. While issue #1 was top notch presenting a variety of talented writers and artists, I was able to find an even greater number of excellent contributors this time around.  

Here’s what we’ve created for your pleasure and education:

1. A brilliant short biography about the American scientist George Washington Carver. I “discovered” Dr. Carver’s story years ago through Rackham Holt’s excellent 1943 biography and fell head-over-heels. (Author Cheri Coburn can back this up as she got to read my used bookstore copy–obsessively marked with dozens and dozens of sticky notes, torn envelopes, and whatever else was handy.) Ever since I read about Dr. Carver I have longed to help get his story out there in the world. With this issue I realized that dream. Cheri Colburn’s tribute is crafted with keen intelligence, humor, and love that makes it a must-read for anyone interested in American biographies, botany, food, spirituality, or just the awe-inspiring inventive potential of the human race.

2. Humorist Michael A. Stusser is back with a charming story about a neighbor (a little girl named Brooke) who wants to start a garden club–and will not take “no” for an answer.

3. We were very happy to debut Allison Johnson’s creative nonfiction piece  “Naked Tomatoes,” a touching, tenderly wrought story about love and loss–and canning tomatoes.

4. This issue features our brand-spanking-new “Crunchy Betty” column (subtitle: “you have food on your face”). Health and beauty author Leslie Martin’s first witty column explores this magnificent gift from the bees and poses “The Honey Challenge.”

5. “Rare Breed,” a story about a former Marlboro Man-turned- “the man who saved American poultry”–by the extraordinary cookbook author and former New York Times food columnist Molly O’Neill.

5. Fabulous columns by our regulars: slow living guru/sometimes punk rocker Dan Murphy writes about “Creating Simplicity”; our slightly-erotic “Sex in the Garden” writer Elisabeth Kinsey explores the heady and voluptuous rose; and DB Rudin’s “The Creature Feature” introduces us to the coolness which is the lowly beetle.

6. And more–much more! More stories, poetry, art, and a few delectable bits of botanical humor.

To take a closer look and excerpts from Issue #2, check out our website. (Look under “Current Issue” for excerpts). There you can purchase the issue, a subscription (get it now–Issue #3 is going to ROCK), or read the entire magazine on-line (our greenest version) for a mere $3.95.

The perfect Christmas present for you (you know you deserve it)–or your very best gardening buddy.

Support independent, anything-but-cookie-cutter publishing today and send for our pretty baby (only $12.50 for two issues!)  now.


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4 responses to “The Second Issue – You’ll Love It!

  1. congrats. superdeeduper congrats! I can hear the love in this post. I want my copy. NOW!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Hi Sue–Thank you! I’ve actually taken to calling this magazine my labor of love . . . and madness.
    You can buy a copy today just a few blocks from where you live at Stone Path Gardens OR at Black Cat Books in Manitou OR, better yet, via subscription (only $12.50 for two issues delivered to your door). : )

  3. Sarah

    Awesome! I’m so excited! I will order my copies. Thanks for your hard work!

  4. Mary Ellen Davis


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