Seed Swap Time! Crestone Exchange

It’s starting not to surprise me when I hear that someone’s seen Greenwoman in places where I haven’t personally sent it– in, say, the Carnegie library in Pittsburgh, Philadephia, or in Lake George, Colorado (population 2,114–this sighting related to me by a fellow writer some months ago at Author Fest).

The magazine has traveled now from coast to coast, and to cities at the southern and northern borders of the U.S.  During the holidays I sent a box to Alaska and a big envelope of all the zines and both issues of the magazine to a nurse named Amanda in Wales, UK. We had a great time corresponding.  Still, I was surprised when Jeff WishMer, who works at the Cho ku rei Farm Store in Crestone, Colorado (population 73 in 2000) called a few weeks ago asking about placing an ad. He said he saw a copy of the magazine at the Elephant Cloud Teashop and asked if we could publish something about an upcoming seed exchange.

This took me aback. Jeff saw Greenwoman Magazine at the Elephant Cloud Teashop (check out the link for the namesake very cool elephant-shaped cloud), liked it, and contacted me?

We could do it, I said, but it’d be too late for the February event. We’d just published Issue #2 and Issue #3 wasn’t scheduled until the end of May.

We chatted and I told him I’d try to get something in a blog post.

I LOVE seed exchanges (and plant exchanges, and the homemade food/beauty products/fresh eggs/goats’ milk/sundries swaps that Pikes Peak Community Cupboard started in our community last year). Swaps are just amazing, fun, community-connecting events. Seed exchanges are especially noteworthy because many of the swapped seeds are from plants grown in your unique climate that have happily reproduced and are now genetically more suitable for your particular growing conditions. Locally adapted, locally grown, successful.  And future offspring of those seeds will be even more suited to your climate.

A win-win-win…

Here’s Jeff’s flyer. It looks fun! If you know of anyone in the neighborhood, please let them know.  Thanks!


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3 responses to “Seed Swap Time! Crestone Exchange

  1. How I love watching community mushrooming around and through you. Instructive by example. For the survival of our species now and in the future.

    And, dang, you work hard.

  2. Jeff WishMer

    Jeff WishMer (me) isn’t the owner. I just work at the store and do some marketing. Regardless, thanks for the plug! Hope to you see there!

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